5-10-17 Margaret Woodcock speaks – Showcase Artist of the Month

Wednesday evening May 10, 7-8:30pm, Margaret Woodcock, will talk about her work, Multiple Expressions

I see my art as an elaborate dialogue between a myriad of elements, not just a landscape or still life scene. I work with natural imagery, primarily flower/plant, tree, bird and water forms. In my work I use a variety of sources for imagery and subject matter: real objects, photos I have taken on trips, garden views, sketches, old book illustrations, etc. I also use a variety of media, e.g. collage, photo etching, transfer, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, oil and cold wax medium. These diverse stimuli and the intermixing of materials allow me to explore and discover ideas, feelings and relationships. I am attempting to balance the abstract and the specificity of forms, exploring more the essence, energy, layering, relatedness and co-mingling that occurs in the natural world physically and psychologically. As I engage and explore on hikes or trips, I take in the hard/soft, moist/dry, thin/thick and bright/dull qualities of branches, stems, leaves, buds, petals, wildlife, dew and air. These along with text, botanical drawings, maps and diagrams fuel the development of each image. The end form may be a painting, a collage or a print.

I encourage close encounters to see and sense the material used, the juxtaposition of imagery and the often transparent layers of information and marks whether it is a painting, a collage or an etching.

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