06-2017 Exhibit Alchemy of the Abstract VIII

June 1 - 26


Newel Hunter - Long Story

Newel Hunter - Long Story

Our bi-annual juried exhibition of abstracted and non-representational art. Open to all media. The artist’s work often explores the uses of unconventional materials, ever pushing the boundaries of what we’re accustomed to think of as art. This show never fails to bring out a wide range of frequently colorful and always thought-provoking work.


Jonathan Wood of Abmeyer + Wood gallery in Seattle. Originally from the East Coast, Jonathan moved to Seattle in 2002 to attend a Master's program in Art History at University of Washington where he focused on contemporary Northwest Coast Native American art. While in school, Jonathan started an internship with a local gallery. He eventually became director of that gallery, before acquiring it in January 2012 and rebranding it as Abmeyer + Wood. Jonathan is passionate about many art forms but has a special place in his heart for abstract expressionist painting and figurative sculpture. 

Exhibit Calendar

Tuesday, May 30 Art juried
Thursday, June 1  Exhibit opens
Saturday, June 3 5:30 pm opening reception during Art Walk
Sunday, June 4 1 pm Art Talk by Juror, Jonathan Wood
Monday, June 26 Exhibit closes
  Alchemy 2017 Prospectus  to view/print 


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Lepidopteran #5 - Alchemy of the Abstract 2017 People's Choice winner

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Lepidopteran #5 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Juror's ChoiceLong Story by Newel Hunter

People's Choice: Lepidopteran #5 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry (artist details...)

Merit AwardsWarrior by Lois Beck 
Caribbean Blue by Virginia Jefferson 
Goodby Green Paradise by Wanda Mawhinney (artist details...)
Retinal Marshmellow by Clayton Murdach

Congratulations to the artists whose work was chosen by the jury as representing the theme best:

John Adams
AK Anderson
Lois Beck
Rhen Benson
Ruth Bravettti
Shelley Brown
Kathy Constantine
Carolyn Doe
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Susan Gansert Shaw
Margaret Gibbs
Brian Goodman
Meg Hartwell
Lauren Hunter
Newel Hunter
Jarrod Jackson
Virginia Jefferson
Meg Kaczyk
Annie Karl
Becky Knold
Gloria Lamson
Gail Larson
Cappy Mathias
Wanda Mawhinney
Marian Morris
Clayton Murdach
Harold Nelson
Scott Pascoe
Martha Pfanschmidt
Barbara Ramsey
Elizabeth Reutlinger
Marilyn Sandau
Anne Schneider
Kathleen Secrest
Kim Simonelli
Kate Snow
Jean-Marie Tarascio
Fred Thumhart
Linda Tilley
Cathie Wier
Irene Yesley




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