07-2017 Artist of the Month – Linda Tilley

Linda Tilley is our July Showcase Artist of the Month and we are extending her JAZZ theme to all our Showcase Artists. To celebrate Jazz Port Townsend we challenged the artists to create work with jazz in mind.
FYI: Centrum Port Townsend is doing their jazz series starting July 23.

Saturday, July 1, 5:30-8 pm opening reception and Art Walk 

Linda Tilley - <em>Becoming One</em>

Linda Tilley - Becoming One

About the Artist

Linda Tilley is a NW native and longtime resident of Port Townsend.  Linda says she finds a wide range of inspiration from her surroundings.

Inspiration for her jazz series was a recent trip to New Orleans, a city that lives and breathes music.  She felt able to share the street artists’ love of music through their rhythm and energy.  The strong color used in her paintings reflects the vibrant beat of the music that seemed to Linda to engulf the musicians as they became one with their music.

In contrast, her calmer series of boats and reflections represents the lazy, laid back rhythm of boating after the work and fun has subsided.

“I’m at a crossroads of discovery.  I’m out to experiment and discover, improve and be fulfilled.  I’ve only just begun.” Click for details about her work...

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