09-2017 Artist of the Month – Kathleen Secrest

Aug. 31 to Oct. 1 Showcase Artist of the month of September

Sat. Sept. 2
- Opening Reception and Art Walk from 5:30 - 8:00

For me, painting is an exploration. Whether I’m painting an abstraction or en plein air, painting is solving a puzzle. I make a mark and it creates a problem that will need to be solved with the next mark. The next mark creates a new problem. And so I work until I can find no more problems to solve,” says Kathleen.

A painter for more than 30 years, Kathleen works in both oil and pastel and has received regional & national awards. Kathleen has always been fascinated by the lines that occur in the environment – the crisscross of branches, the curl of a dead leaf, the lines in a spider’s web. She collects natural objects and brings home nests, feathers, stones & bones. The observations she makes while painting outdoors & the treasures she collects are jumping off points for her abstract art.

More info about artist and samples of work...

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