10-2017 Artist of the Month – Evan Miller

Showcase Artist of the Month of October is R. Evan Miller, artist of wood


Oct. 5 - Exhibit Opening

Oct. 7 - Reception during Saturday Art Walk - 5:30 - 8 pm

About the Artist

Evan says he’s been casually studying art since he was about 7.  “My parents had plenty of art interests displayed around the house.  I spent countless hours looking at oil paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other mixed media art forms growing up, which no doubt contributed to my interest in the arts. “

Evan’s own artistic interests started with woodworking in high school.  This led to an interest in the automotive arts, specifically restoration, which helped him to see shapes in new ways.  Evan says that forming body panels and painting cars heavily influenced his ability to create fair curves.  After attending the Port Townsend School of Wooden Boatbuilding he began a career working in the mega-yacht industry.

Honing his skills in the yacht industry, Evan began to focus on the use of specialty veneers.  “Seeing the high yield value and efficiency using veneer combined with solid wood early on, I targeted my interests there and began to specialize in this medium.  Making art with veneer has opened my mind even further to the seemingly endless possibilities artistically.”

Read more about the artist and see other art samples...


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