11-2017 Exhibit – Environmental Variations

Nov. 2 - 26 | Sculpture, painting, and photography variations and visions from Krista Lutz, Jeff Olson, and Paul Shapiro


Nov 2 – 11:30 am – Exhibit Opens
Nov 4 – 5:30 - 8  – Opening Reception and Art Walk
Nov 5 – 1:00 pm – Art Talk
Nov 26 – 5:30 pm – Exhibit Closes

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LutzK - Lasting Impression

Lutz - Lasting Impression

Krista Lutz

Artist Statement

Working with clay both soothes and energizes me. I thrive on trial and error as much as on the end result – when a completed sculpture tells a story and comes to life.

My process involves the repetitive use of molds derived from custom models to produce the building blocks of my sculptures. This repetition provides consistent parameters while creating opportunities for me to alter and reinterpret form in the final work – from model to mold to mutation.

LutzK - Ascending and Descending

Lutz - Ascending and Descending

My current sculptural work is inspired by geological forms. I challenge myself to look beyond the surface of these forms and to transform them through association with an unfamiliar, yet instinctively recognizable context. My sculptures intend to be tangible, while allowing the viewer to create their own storyline.

For more information: www.studiokcl.com

Jeff Olson

Artist Statement

The central theme of my work has always lain within the primacy of the brushstroke in the process of painting. It is in essence the evidence of the physical interaction of the artist with the “stuff of this world,” an evidence of life.

OlsonJ - Passage

Olson - Passage

I am fascinated by the leap of faith made by an individual or the collective imagination to conceive of the possibilities that lie within any material, image, or object. Where meaning and form can be translated in the minds eye far beyond the intrinsic make up of that which is seen.

The structure of these paintings is taken from the landscape, the natural occurrences of depositing and erosion: a shared history of stacking, digging, piling, and scuffing. These processes are repeated in the paintings. With each brushstroke individual and sharing a common history of layering, stacking, rubbing, smearing and spreading.

In my work I try to capture that moment of becoming, when the paint on the canvas floats between what it is and what it might be. To create these images, I work very quickly with the material. The spontaneity is essential to create the type of energy I am looking for in the marks and the image.

At a fundamental level it is about transformation. The process of painting becomes an echo of the traces left from a story of living imprinted on the land.

For more information: www.jeffolsonart.com

Paul Shapiro

ShapiroP - Ferry To Whidbey

Shapiro - Ferry To Whidbey

Artist Statement

In these stitched panoramas of the Northwest, Coastal California and Southwest, I use multiple images to frame a 180 degree view, much like the eye can see. I am passionate about exploring the natural world and I pay particular attention to scale, often capturing the shared connection between people and the breadth and depth of our landscapes. I also strive to capture the powerful. expansive and multi-layered beauty of landscapes and juxtapose these images with the awe-inspiring–often solo–experience of being alone in the midst of something much larger. I hope these ultra wide photographs inspire the viewer to embrace and explore an extended pictorial representation of the landscapes we inhabit.

ShapiroP - Dock of the Bay

Shapiro - Dock of the Bay

I live on Whidbey Island, where I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer. In addition to being a teacher of photography and film, I was a photo library editor at Geo Magazine, a founding member of The International Youth Film Festival, and a PIEA photography award winner. My published photos include Geo Magazine, exhibitions in Seattle and Santa Barbara, and various local publications. My documentaries have been selected for the Edmonton, Port Townsend (a film on Carol Hasse, owner of Port Townsend Sails), and Ojai Film Festivals.

For more information: shapiropaul.wixsite.com/photography


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