12-2017 Artist of the Month – Denise Champion

Nov. 30 to Dec. 30 enjoy our final 2017 artist showcase - this month for Denise Champion.

Sat. Dec. 2 - 5:30 - 8 pm - Opening reception and Art Walk

This year a whole new world of expression has opened up to Denise, the world of mixed media and metal. Originally, she painted exclusively en plein air (painting in the outdoors, on location) in oils and pastels.

Denise began her career as an artist by studying color, with Richard Nelson, who developed the Tri-Hue Method, on Maui. In that year she was only allowed to use the 3 primary colors and to only paint stripes.  After that year, Denise began using pastels and oils, painting in plein air and eventually, owning a gallery on Maui.  Since then, Denise has painted in almost every state, and owned or participated in many more galleries. Denise has taught at the college level and conducted many workshops, “Sharing what I have learned is part of the joy of being an artist,” says Champion.

“One of the advantages of having been painting for a long time, is that you have had lots of practice and if you don’t get stuck but are willing to expand your knowledge, it can take you on some very exciting adventures,” Denise reports.  “That is what happened to me this year.”

Denise thanks Susan Kazmer, “a wonderful experimental artist,” for introducing her to the world of mixed media and metal this past year.

“Realistic painting was never my goal, abstracting the landscape and color interaction are my voice.  Applying this in another media has been exciting and invigorating.” 

Come see where this adventure has led.

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