08-2017 Art in the Hospital

Our theme for this season's art throughout the hospital is to honor our area's heritage of boating and the Wooden Boat Festival. From August 15 through December 15 view the works throughout the hospital (locations listed below).

Many thanks to our contributing artists, many of whom are in this year's Showcase (click for more info...) or are Registered artists in our community (click for more info...):

Mike Biskup (more info...), Caroline Culbertson (more info...), Carolyn Doe (more info...), Mitchel Osborne (more info...), Elizabeth Reutlinger (more info...), John Rickenbacher (more info...), Raquel Stokes (more info...), Linda Tilley (more info...), Luke J. Tornatsky

Click pictures to see slideshow of works available for viewing at the hospital. Contact the gallery for purchase information.

Elizabeth Reutlinger - <em>Nostalgia</em>

Elizabeth Reutlinger - Nostalgia in Main Lobby


Art Locations:

  • Main Lobby and Sleep Medicine
  • Main Lobby and Emergency
  • Main Floor Lab Draw
  • Cardiology and Orthopedics
  • Oncology
  • Oncology and Radiology
  • Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Lab Draw and Womens' Health
  • Womens' Health

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