12-2017 PT Shorts Elizabeth Thorpe

Dec. 2, 7:30 pm (Free) at Northwind Arts Center
Port Townsend local author, Elizabeth Thorpe, featuring her new short story collection, Cities.

In Cities, Elizabeth Thorpe compresses entire novels into short-short stories. With the subtlest descriptions of how someone lifts her hair off her neck, sees a plate, or looks up at sails, Thorpe creates emotional landscapes: real people. This is a book to be savored, and read over and over again, but as John L'Heureux notes, "no matter how many times we read it, we're not quite through it yet." Yet while the characters are under constant pressure, they find respite in the natural world—moments of calm in the sky, the sea, the clouds, the woods, "the wind in the trees like a freight train." As another character finds: "For a moment, she is buoyed."
—Jordan Hartt, author of Leap

Elizabeth Thorpe's restrained, crystalline prose makes of Cities a sweet, sad song, seductive, hypnotic, ringing and reverberating. These impressionistic stories of loss and longing are as haunting as they are elliptical, consuming themselves as they unfold, leaving a beautiful afterglow.
—Samuel Ligon, author of Wonderland and Among the Dead and Dreaming

Elizabeth Thorpe gives readers a double gift in this stunning debut collection. Lyrical and propulsive, the flash fiction pieces in the first part of Cities amaze with their detail, calling to mind photorealistic paintings. Thorpe captures her characters in all their haunts from seaside Maine, to a small-town high school, to urban Philadelphia, and beyond. In the longer stories, Thorpe pulls us into the conflicted lives of her characters and then startles us with surprising, yet perfect, endings. Brava!
—Lynn Levin, author of Miss Plastique

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