Fall 12-14-17 Northwind Reading Series – PoetryMusic

Thurs. 7 pm Dec. 14 we have the pleasure to listen to Where Words and Music Meet with Colleen O'Brien and Chris Lee.

Colleen O'Brien - voice / cello

Chris Lee - vibes / percussion

What have previous audiences said?....

"A delightful meeting of music and poetry ranging from Shakespeare to Robert Frost and Maya Angelou. In the tradition of the classical art song, where composers wrote music for the poetry to be sung, the chamber jazz duo PoetryMusic combines poetry, exquisite music and visual images for a truly unique multi-media experience."

"....the audience was transfixed.  We all felt we experienced something very special and unique.  The music and performance revealed new layers of meaning for the chosen poetry and literature.  What a remarkable fusion of literature and music. “

"Music speaks volumes and Poetry sings!”

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