2-23-17 Northwind Reading Series – Ahmed & Knode

Thursday 7 pm, Northwind Reading Series presents Afrose Ahmed and Shane Knode

Author Afrose Ahmed

Afrose Fatima Ahmed is a hybrid Texan-Washingtonian who writes on city streets and at the tops of evergreens. she holds an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Texas and is a VONA alumna.

She released her first poetry chapbook, he won’t dance with me, in December 2013, and recently released two poetry chapbooks, BODY OF WATER and 70,000 VEILS, in October 2016. She is currently working on her next collection of poems entitled blood gold and honey, which are a few of her favorite things, and takes the shape of a fictional tarot deck.

Afrose climbs in her spare time, in order to gain perspective.

Author Shane Knode

Shane Knode is a longtime Northwest poet. Originally from Sitka, Alaska and raised on boats, he is steeply rooted into the landscape of the Northwest Passage. He spent his early twenties cutting his teeth in the dense codification of Seattle’s renowned hip-hop scene. From there he began competing in Seattle poetry slams and getting deeply involved in the Puget Sound’s rich letterpress print and publishing communities. Along the way he taught workshops for youth-at-risk on the topic of poeisis or living poetics and toured with a live band performing improv spoken word with crowd participation. His latest project has been traveling around the west with a mid-century typewriter, typing up poems for people on the streets.

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