8-24-17 Northwind Reading Series – Ekphrastic Evening

Thursday 7 pm, August 24. We invite writers and listeners to an Ekphrastic* Evening 

Writers share their responses to the annual Art Port Townsend exhibit, Expressions Northwest, on display during August at Northwind Arts Center.

The evening is part of the month-long calendar of Art Port Townsend festival activities. The public is invited to attend this open-mic reading as listeners.

*Ekphrastic in this context means “the literary representation of or response to visual art.” A well-known example is W. H. Auden’s “Musee des Beaux Arts.”

Poet Jay Johnson at Ekphrastic Write-In Aug. 8, 2017

For example, Richard Widerkehr used painting, Morning Fog, by Elizabeth Reutlinger for the cover art of his latest collection of poems. His poem of the evening:

The Way Home

Sometimes when I walk home on the road, mist
sits in the hills, dividing their dark green
from darker green. There's the lake,
then hills and mist and hills and sky--
the white mist like a river floating sideways
up the hills, spread out in billows,
thinning into bits and scraps. It's as if
things had become clearer, more themselves.
The gray sky lets in more light than I expect.
It seems so close, piled up on the hills
like a second lake. And someday I'll go
far away, not on a road, maybe deeper
into green and white, and there won't be
windows, doorsills, paper, socks, or spoons.

—Richard Weidkehr

By the way, Richard was one of the poets whose writing inspired artists for the Poem Inspired juried exhibit in previous seasons. Read more about the writers and artists and the August event in the news. Click here for Port Townsend Leader article...

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