5-11-17 Northwind Reading Series – Lloyd and Titus

Thursday 7 pm, May 11. An evening with poets Richard Lloyd and Tito Titus

Richard Lloyd’s obsession for over sixty years has been poetry. Two recent books, Glenolden Park and Marshallton Saga, address his early years growing up in Delaware and Chester counties outside Philadelphia. In praise of place and home during the 40's and 50's, wherein the past becomes the present, these books capture that era, now looked upon as peaceful and serene when compared with today’s insanity.

Richard continues to write poems based on his service in the army during most of the Cold War. He served in Vietnam in 1967-68 with the 101st Airborne and First Cavalry (Airmobile) divisions. He later established Race Relations / Equal Opportunity programs for the Department of Defense, conducting seminars in Thailand and the Presidio of San Francisco. After retiring, he taught high school in Oakland, California, was a counselor in Juvenile Hall, and engaged in various business endeavors. Aside from his daily poetry practice, he pursues his avocation for wood working. He continues to design and reconstruct old buildings using recycled material. He and his wife reside on Marrowstone Island where nature poetry is a daily occurrence.

Tito Titus, to prepare for a life in poetry, worked as a farm hand, range fire fighter, soldier, art model, carnival barker, environmental activist and administrator, and as a Seattle Design Commissioner. He presented performance art and poetry at Seattle’s notorious Little Red Studio, and with Floating Mountain Poets, from 2004 until 2012. In 2003, he received King County’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award for his service to elderly homeless men in Seattle.

Pleasure Boat Studio’s Empty Bowl Press recently published Tito’s poetry collection, I can still smile like Errol Flynn. His poems appear in several anthologies, including Poets Unite! (LitFuse 10th Anniversary), Red Light District: 2011 Seattle Erotic Art Festival Literary Anthology, and The Little Red Anthology. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Argus, and Puget Soundings published his social/political satire.

For additional information: www.pleasureboatstudio.com/Books/Tito_Titus.html

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