Artist Registry Application

The Artist Registry is a service for local artists and a resource for the public, art patrons, art curators, and galleries or museums who wish to connect with local artists. The Artist Registry provides exposure for emerging and well-established artists in our local area and supplies connections to collectors and interested art lovers, both locally and beyond. The Artist Registry helps fulfill the mission of Northwind Arts Center.


This free service is available to area residents including artists from the upper Olympic Peninsula, Kitsap Peninsula, and Whidbey Island.

The Artist Registry consists of an entry page and individual artist pages, plus a page containing the procedures and application form. The entry page will display one image (thumbnail) and artist name for each registered artist, both of which will link to the individual artist page. The individual artist pages will display all of the information provided by the artist on the Artist Registry Application form.

Northwind Arts Center does not endorse or represent the artists listed in the Artist Registry. Artists included in the Registry are responsible for ensuring the information in their listing is accurate and current. Necessary changes to a registered artist page content can be sent to the Webmaster at The Artist Registry is subject to review by the staff of Northwind Arts Center and inclusion in the Artist Registry is at their discretion.

Registration Instructions

Registration is accomplished through use of the online form provided on this page. Read the following form field instructions carefully before submitting the form.

  1. Name: Artist Full Name (Required)
  2. Studio Name: Artist Studio Name, if applicable (Optional)
  3. Address: Artist residence or studio address; this free service is available to artists from the upper Olympic Peninsula, Kitsap Peninsula, and Whidbey Island. (Address required for location verification; but Optional for website display – see next field)
  4. Publish Address on Artist web page: Select either “Yes” or “No” to specify if your address is to be shown on your Artist Registry page. (Required)
  5. Email: Artist Email address (Required)
  6. Phone: Telephone number you want published on Artist web page (Optional)
  7. Artist Website: Artist website URL, if applicable (Optional)
  8. Artist Statement: Brief Artist Statement that describes your artworks. (Required)
  9. Brief Biography: Brief Biography of the artist. This is intended to be a short narrative Bio and is not intended to include lists of education, shows, or other information that is normally included in an Artist Resume. (Optional)
  10. Gallery Affiliations: Include a listing of current galleries that represent the artist, and where artworks can be viewed. Provide gallery website URL if applicable. (Optional)
  11. Artwork Category: Select the primary category that describes your artworks (Required). If you work in another primary category then select an additional category (Optional). Please limit your selection to two categories and note that regardless of whether an artist selects more than one category, the Artist Registry entry page will only display one “primary” image (see the next form field descriptions).
  12. Representative Artwork Image (Main Category): Send one image that is to be used to represent your artwork on the Artist Registry entry page. This image will also be displayed on the individual artist page. The only file type that is allowed is JPEG, and the file size limit is 2MB. Also refer to the Digital Image Requirements (Images for Website Use) on our website prior to attaching an image file. Also provide the Title and Medium in the proper field. (Required)
  13. Representative Artwork Image (Additional Category): Only send an additional image if an additional Artwork Category has been identified above, and is documented in the Artist Statement / Biography. The additional image will be displayed on the artist page. Also provide the Title and Medium in the proper field if an additional image is supplied. (Optional)


Send your questions or comments to:

Artist Registry Application

Please read the instructions carefully before filling out this application form.

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg.
Maximum file size: 2mb.

Use only if more than one category is identified above and is documented in the Artist Statement / Biography