1885 Circle

Northwind Art Center’s 1885 Circle honors the history of the 1885 Waterman & Katz Building and includes all donors (individuals or partners) who give Northwind Arts Center a monetary gift of $1,885 or more each calendar year. As our premier annual giving recognition circle, its members receive all invitations and benefits available to our donors, plus personal communications from our Executive Director and invitations to at least one special annual event exclusively for 1885 Circle members. Read more details about the history of 1885 and our building...


Donate online

With an annual contribution of $1,885.00

Or make a monthly contribution of $158.00

Remember: Donations to Northwind Arts Center are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law EIN 02-0584427

1885 Circle Members - Current

Karen Hackenberg and Michael Felber
Jan Hoy and Harry von Stark
Lois and Gordon James
Polly* and Terry* Lyle
Merck Foundation
Thya Merz and Bill Brennan
Gail Rodgers* and Bill Putney*
Rodney Schmidt
Anne Virtue and Patrick Roach
Ginger White
Sylvia and Don White

(* also donated in-kind)

1885 Circle Members - Past

Jeanette Best
Suzanne and Stephen Cunliffe
Phil Hallin
Beth Lorber and Peter Bonyun
Dennis McDaniel
Lisa Painter
Greg Robinson and Steve Charles