2014/2015 Donors

In 2015, through the many donations from you for our Annual Appeal, we were able to sustain Northwind Arts Center in its new location by seeing an increase of 6% in overall revenue. In addition, by making changes in our utilities, transitioning to all LED lighting in our exhibit spaces, and streamlining our procedures, we’ve been able to reduce general expenses. From our new home, we are perfectly poised to bring exciting contemporary art exhibits and events to downtown Port Townsend. In less than a year we have added and expanded so much of what we offer in our programs, artist talks, film screenings, and Community Arts mini-exhibits.

Our ability to provide quality programming depends on the continued support of our member/donors who share our commitment to Northwind Arts Center. Please join other generous donors and volunteers by giving a tax-deductible gift today. We are organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and qualify under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

A sincere thank you to the generous individuals and organizations who donated to Northwind Arts Center between November 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015.


Anita and Mike Edwards

Polly and Terry Lyle*

Merck Partnership for Giving

Lisa T. Painter

Laurie and Marc Perrett

Bill Putney* and Gail Rodgers*

Don and Sylvia White

ANGEL $500-999


Henry and Nadine Feldman

Thya Merz


Regina Jeanne Clark

Bernard and Mercedita Del Valle

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and Ron Gentry

Christine and James Jacobson

Gordon and Lois James

Chelcie and Katherine Liu

Alan and Ellen Newberg

Judy* and Kim Simonelli

Eleanor and Jim Watson-Gove

PATRON $100-249

Jeanette Best

Sharon Black

Kathy and Phil Carrico

Marie Cawrse

Dave and Nancy Clancy

Marcia Coleman

Kathy Constantine

Judy Drechsler

Cheron Dudley and Mena Quilici

David and Heidi Eisenhour

Rick Johnson

Bill and Gayle Kaune

Carolyn Latteier and Richard Wojt

Kris and Paul Leathers

Carla Main and Brad West

Ellie Mathews and Carl Youngmann

True Heart and Dennis McDaniel

Stuart Herrick and Nancy Merrill

Dave and Vicky Miller

Harold Nelson and Patti Reynolds

Jan North

Mary O’Shaughnessy and Charlie Van Gilder

Adriane and James Oliver

Jim Prince and Mardee Stadshaug

Harvey and Karen Putterman

JoAnn Raines

George Randels

Gary and Grace Roe

Barbara and Thomas Rook

Dawn Sagar

Caroline Seibert

Diane Simpson

Kay and Michael Smallwood

Dick and Mare Tietjen

Linda Tilley

Lorraine W. Vagner

Patricia Webber

Perry Woodfin

Dave and Jeanette Woodruff

Andrea and Paul Zeusche


James S. and Karen Adams

Dona and Robert Anderson

Anonymous (5)

John Barnard and Gail Crawford

Donald and Jackie Barr

Lois Beck and Mark Holland

Rennie Bergstrom

Jan Branham

Beverly Brice

Linda Collins Chapman

M’el Christensen and Seth Rolland

Leon Crowl

Stephen and Suzanne Cunliffe

David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Barbara and Eric Effman

Owen and Sarah Fairbank

Carol Cahill and Tom Foley

Steve Foxman

Kathy and Robert Francis

Ikue and Thomas Goldstein

Bridget Grant

Anne Hirondelle

James Holb

Anne Holman

Lauren and Newel Hunter

Elizabeth Jameson

Gail S. Larson

Ken Lundemo

Barbara MacLean

Michael McCollum and Pat Mortati

Elsbeth McLeod

Cameron and Roger McPherson

Catherine and Tom Mix

Carol Anne Modena

Patricia Moreland

Sandra Offutt

Susan Ogilvie

Mary Beth Pinkerson

Michael Pruitt and Sandra Stowell

Geralynn and Richard Rackowski

Elizabeth Reutlinger

Sally Rodgers

Sandra Rouverol

Rosalind Russell

Robert and Sharon Schlentner

Leslie and Libby Schnick

S. Gansert Shaw

Shannon M. and William Patrick Slattery

Charles R. and D. Joy Smith

Louisa Smith-Adam

Sheila Sondik

Omnolee Stevens

Douglas and Nancy Van Allen

Pete von Christierson and Ginger White

Charlotte Watts

Clinton Webb

Marjean Weber

Diana and Robert Whitney

Marsha Wiener

Dianna Woolley


Albert and Rodeama Abrams

Brett Aniballi


Linda Atkins

Donald and Jackie Barr

Jo Beachy

Michael Biskup

Barbara and Lowell Bogart

Patricia Bomar

Betty Lou Burgett

Merilee Clunis

Diana Cronin

Sakura Davis

Kay Dewar

Thomas Engel and Gloria Lamson

Lyn Faas

Susan Faust

Norma Fried

Diane Gale

Elsa and Imants Golts

Elissa Greisz

Sandy Guinup

Elisabeth Haight

Lorraine Hamada and Calvin Richie

Michael Hamilton and Andrea Lawson

Dr. Elizabeth Harmon

Pamela Hastings

Christine Heliker

Darby and Phoebe Huffman

Gail Hustedde

Chuck Iffland and Lynn Wagenka

Sherry Kack

Myla Keller

Rita Kepner and John Matthiesen

Virginia King

Robert Komishane

Cheri and Peter Kopp

Gregory and Lianne C. Perron Kossow

Marlene and Stanley Kropf

John Liczwinko and Cristina Mansoni

Michael McIntyre and Arliss Newcomb

Shirley Moss

David Nechak and Stephanie Snyder

Helen Oakland

Linda Okazaki

Toni Orr

Charlie Petersen

Michele Podesto

Jon Pokela

Tony Porto

Marilyn Sandau

Loran Scruggs

Lyn Smith

Hilary and Joan Smith

Kathleen Snow

Donna and Robert Snow

Penny Shephard St. John

Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Devon and Jim Surgent

Margaret Takaki

Jean-Marie Tarascio

Lois Thadei

Luke Tornatzky

Kristen and Mark Wade

Richard Jesse and Susi Watson


Art Kobayashi

William S. Meyer, Esq.

Gay Stack

George Wilhelm

Donors with * also made in-kind donations.

Thank you also to all of the volunteers and board members who work so diligently to make this such a wonderful arts center; to all the art lovers who support both the artists and Northwind Arts Center when they purchase art from our galleries; and to the lovers of poetry, literature, and music who, at our events, fill our donation box with their appreciation.

We apologize if any donors were unintentionally omitted, or for any errors made.