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The following is a listing of local area artists who teach. They may teach private classes, occasional public workshops, or classes through local organizations. Northwind Arts Center does not assess or endorse the artwork or teaching skills of the individuals listed, and we only list arts instructors who have subscribed to our listing. See our Opportunities on how to subscribe as a teacher.

Artist Medium / Description Contact / Link Location
John Adams Watercolor
I teach weekly watercolor classes for all levels in Port Townsend and on Bainbridge Island. I have been working in watercolor for over 30 years and am a signature member of the National and Northwest Watercolor Societies. My class focus is on teaching fundamental watercolor painting techniques along with design principles and elements while using bright color to express the light and forms of the Pacific Northwest. I teach through Peninsula College at their Fort Worden campus on Mondays and run my own class meeting at Quimper Grange every Wednesday at 10 am to 12:30pm. Classes on Bainbridge meet Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. Register through Bainbridge Island Parks District.
Port Townsend and Bainbridge Island
Mike Biskup Non-Traditional Watercolor techniques and Drawing
So many of us in our culture are overly critical of our abilities,
talents and ourselves in general. My teaching focuses on helping individuals find ways to work through that self censorship and find a path to artistic freedom. I’ve worked primarily with young people and teens in private settings. Call or email me if you’d like to talk about how you can find more freedom as an artist.

Northwind page about Mike Biskup

Flexible – Based in Port Townsend
Kathy Constantine Mixed Media and Mixed-Media Collage
I offer a series (one class per month) of mixed media and mixed-media collage classes. The series teaches students a variety of techniques using a variety of acrylic products, along with a mix of other media. Each class will have a theme such as: stylized birds, floral, Wabi-sabi, abstract, etc. The goal is to complete a piece in each class. This series is offered in both Port Ludlow and Port Townsend. One of my mixed-media collages was selected for publication in Incite: Dreams Realized: the Best of Mixed Media, published by North Lights Books, in September, 2013. I offer classes for children, as well as adults.

Northwind page about Kathy Constantine

Port Ludlow and Port Townsend
David Deardorff Acrylic
I use brilliant color and heavy impasto in my expressionist work. I
show students how to create images following the same techniques I use, but I also help students to find their own voices if they prefer other modes of expression such as realism or impressionism. I teach dynamic composition, modeling 3D form, and how to avoid muddy colors, all of which are important in any style of painting.

Northwind page about David Deardorff

Peninsula College, Sequim, and Port Townsend
Amelia Garripoli Fiber Arts
Cotton, silk, alpaca, wool … fibers become textiles, both artistic and practical. Amelia teaches spinning, weaving, dyeing, and many other fiber arts in her Port Ludlow studio and in Port Townsend. Learn how to turn fiber into yarn, and yarn into textiles; explore color, texture, and art while creating with natural fiber. Workshops offered from beginner to intermediate; monthly schedule on website, and by arrangement.
Port Ludlow and Port Townsend
Terry Grasteit Acrylic
Terry teaches abstract art through Peninsula College currently. He also provides one-on-one instruction by appointment. The college class is Creative Abstract Art, being held in Port Angeles. Please access to complete registration.
Port Angeles
Victoria Foster Harrison Encaustic Printmaking
Encaustic printmaking involves a heated surface, anywhere from a pancake griddle to a professional aluminum printing palette, without the use of a printing press. Pigmented beeswax is applied directly to the warm plate, and moved around with a variety of tools – kitchen spatula, string, brushes – whatever the imagination can drum up. A sheet of paper is laid on the surface of wax, and lifted to create a monotype of beeswax imbedded in paper. Encaustic printmaking encourages go-with-the-flow spontaneous work, particularly excellent for the artist who wants to loosen up, and great for the non-artist who wants a new experience. Perfect for anyone who has the urge to play and explore. Classes currently taught at the Winslow Art Center on Bainbridge Island and at her home studio in Port Ludlow.

Northwind page about Victoria Foster Harrison

Bainbridge Island and Port Ludlow
Hart James Oil Painting
From Nature to Canvas; oil painting with palette knife, brush, and rag -- 2 day class.Color mixing, tones, the importance of composition and personal expression will be covered. The class will emphasize composition, massing shapes or forms on the canvas, and color. The use of viewfinders or smart phones as composition aides will be encouraged. Charcoal and oil washes will be used, and/or the palette knife. Day two will review composition principles and set out to begin an oil painting.Intuition, expression, and abstraction will be encouraged. Individual attention will always be given. Painting exclusively with the palette knife, rag, and a piece of charcoal keeps the artist fresh and spontaneous.$200 class fee per student. Bring supplies that will be detailed on a list before the class session. Bring lunch or take a short break. Minimum of 4 students, max 10.
By arrangement near Port Townsend


Andrea K. Lawson Oil and Acrylic Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking
Private painting, drawing and printmaking classes for youth and adults. Explore creativity using color, structure, composition and develop your own unique artistic vision. Plein air painting classes on location also available.

Northwind page about Andrea Lawson

Carol Long Drawing
I am interested in the creative process as pleasure, process, meditation, healing and visionary thinking. Drawing is a cornerstone of visual communication. Some children stop making art due to constraints, criticism or lack of interest. As time passes, desire to draw people, things, remember a dream, or sketch a scene rises and the “how to” eludes hand and eye. This may limit intuitive and abstract moments to words. Learn to see with fresh perspective and record your ideas visually, utilize drawing to awaken creativity and challenge discipline with renewed pleasure.

Port Townsend
Shirley Mercer Watercolor, Folk Art on Furniture



Northwind page about Shirley Mercer

Catherine Mix Drawing, Watercolor, Pastel, and Mixed Media (pastel over watercolor) 360-670-8671

Northwind page about Catherine Mix

Katy Morse Acrylic Paints on Canvas and Paper; Multi-media Collage
Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach following the lineage of Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis. Classes vary with the seasons. Fall offerings may include painting your “Harvest Queen”, creating a deck of “Soul Journey Cards”, and multi-media collage of your “Medicine Shield”. Follow me on Facebook at Soul Explorations & Creative Expressions.

Northwind page about Katy Morse

Port Townsend
Linda Okazaki Watercolor and Oil Painting, Drawing
Classes vary throughout the year. July 17-21, 2017 ~ "Walk in the Woods" plein air & studio watercolor class experienced both on-site in Fort Worden and in the studio at Port Townsend School of the Arts. Visually investigate paths, trees, shadows, forest animals, land, beach, ocean, or a boat passing. Each day a new focus of attention includes lessons in watercolor painting as sketches for development of larger work. Everyone works at their own level and I will provide instruction and hints individual to the student.

Northwind page about Linda Okazaki

Port Townsend School of the Arts, Bldg #306, Fort Worden Campus, Port Townsend
Tuttie Peetz Driftwood/Found Wood Sculpture
I teach the art form of driftwood/found wood sculpting. It is usually offered several times annually, meeting once weekly (3-hour blocks) for six weeks. I also will offer intense 1 to 3 day classes (all day) to individuals. The cost for the six weeks class is $43. The cost for one-on-one intense classes is $100 per day. I have won several awards for my work, and have been in two juried shows at Northwind Gallery.
360-683-6860 Sequim
Martha Pfanschmidt Encaustic and Art Mentoring
I teach encaustic painting from my studio in rural Port Townsend. This class is two days long: day one you will learn the basics of applying paint and fusing, layering, scribing and a few other techniques. On day two you learn a few further techniques and then have time to practice and experiment to truly get a good feel for the medium. If you are desiring a more in depth class where you learn how to make medium and paint bars, and setting up a studio with a comprehensive supply list this can be added to the two day session, or can be a separate class. I am also available for advanced sessions for experienced encaustic painters, and do ongoing mentoring as well. The mentoring sessions can take any form you wish: discussions about your work, about formal issues of composition, etc., help with resumes, statements, or other professional practices. I have had many years as an art professional and can offer you my experience as an artist and teacher.

Northwind page about Martha Pfanschmidt

Port Townsend
Havilah Rand Songwriting and music
My songwriting programs center around building creativity, self confidence, empathy, literacy and musical awareness through songwriting. Activities include journaling, theater games, art projects, nature walks and urban explorations to inspire ideas for lyrics and melody. All songs are recorded and every program culminates with a CD of our creations. There are no requirements or limitation in terms of musical skill level although songwriters are encouraged to use instruments they are currently learning to accompany themselves and each other as desired.By offering a variety of choices and activities, I have found that these programs are highly successful with groups of young people who are diverse in age, gender and musical interest. Currently these programs are offered as summer camps, after school workshops, break camps and as extensions to academic curriculum throughout the school year. I would love the opportunity to offer my songwriting summer camp to your community.“As the director of our arts education program I coordinate many camps each summer. Rarely have I seen a camp so engaging for the kids involved. This camp was a hit and I’m excited about having Havilah back to teach again next summer.” – Director of Arts Education, Vashon Center for the Arts
Port Townsend

Whidbey Island


Julie Read Acrylics
Occasional instructor for Northwind's Through the Wall program at the Boiler Room. Primarily a self-taught painter, I got my start right here in Port Townsend taking painting classes offered by Max Grover.  For two years now I have been a faculty member at Port Townsend school of the arts, offering a variety of Acrylic Painting classes.  Most classes are suitable for beginners.  Having been very casual about my early art making and education, my classes are not geared toward classic painting concepts. I typically paint along side my students to demonstrate my process, and problem solve based on my own experiences in the studio.  I believe each person has their own inner drive to make art a certain way, and it's hard to change that direction.  I encourage my students to explore and celebrate their own unique approach, what feels easy, comfortable and fun. I like to introduce my students to different types of canvases, brushes and finishing techniques, to give a full spectrum of the painting experience.

Northwind page about Julie Read

Port Hadlock
Shirley Rudolf Beginning Acrylics
I have been a Grumbacher instructor for Michael’s Arts and Crafts the last 2-1/2 years. The course I taught was beginning acrylics. I am taking new students with no painting experience starting January/February 2014. The format will be similar to Grumbachers where students will be able to finish their painting in two hours; learn basic techniques such as perspective and composition; mixing colors; how to hold a brush for different brushstrokes; and how to take care of brushes and art supplies.
Carol Heath Stabile Soft Pastel/ 2-D Arts
I have two areas of interest in teaching: I like to work with children ages 7-9. I feel at that age there can disillusionment with how they have drawn in the past, and confusion about how to proceed. Without gentle guidance, they can become stuck and not have fun with art anymore. Second area is working with adults who got stuck at age 9 and never went forward. I hear from people who used to love to do art, got stuck, and now are wanting to reconnect with that joy. I can unstick them and create a success oriented program individual lessons.
Port Townsend
Don Tiller Acrylic
I enjoy sharing my layering and glazing process using Golden fluid acrylics. I will show you how I use strong composition, simplified shapes, and bold colors to create dynamic landscapes. Learn my techniques and find out how they may apply to your own painting style. Join me for one of my workshops held in my beautiful downtown Port Townsend studio or call me to arrange for a one on one tutorial.
Port Townsend

Please visit my website to learn about dates and times or call me for more information.