02-2017 Identity performance

At Northwind 7 pm Tuesday, Feb. 21 -- Mandala Center for Change collaboration  [excerpt from Port Townsend Leader Feb. 15, 2017]  The Northwind Arts Center and the Mandala Center for Change collaborate once more for a special public event: “Identity,” featuring a playback improvisational performance from the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble.

“Identity” is in response to an exhibit of photography currently on display in the Northwind Arts Center’s Artist Showcase. “I Have a Name: Identity and Belonging in Small Town America” is a series of photographic portraits by Raymond L. Ketcham of individuals who frequent The Boiler Room.

The evening’s performance explores themes of identity with the photographs as a backdrop, and includes theatrical reflections of audience story sharing that center on what it means to have “identity.”

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