2-01 Exhibit – Steve Jensen

2018 - Feb. 1 - 25

Art as Voyage: Steve Jensen's Nordic Heritage | KCTS 9 - Public Television article and video click here...

Sat. Feb. 3 - 5:30 pm - Art Walk and Reception

Sun. Feb. 4 - 1:00 pm - Art Talk

About the Artist

My best friend Sylvan did a drawing of a boat. When he gave it to me, he asked that when he passed, if I would make a boat for his ashes. He died a month later and I carved a boat as close to Sylvan’s drawings as possible. My mother came to Sylvan’s funeral and when my father passed, she was so moved by the boat she wanted my fathers remains put in a similar vessel. Since he was a Norwegian fisherman and boat builder, we buried the boat at sea, like a Viking funeral. Two years later when my Mother passed I created a boat for her ashes and buried it with my father at Sea. The day before John, my partner of twenty four years, passed, he asked me to make a boat for his ashes. His wish was to be buried at sea with my parents. In the course of eight years I had tragically lost and made funereal boats for everyone close to me.

Since that time I have created funeral boats for friends, family and pets. Art school never prepared me to work with human or animal ashes but I feel honored to have this opportunity. When I work with them, I feel transformed to another place or another time where an artist was asked to be both craftsman and mortician.

I began the Voyager series to help me deal with my own personal grief and loss, and with the hope to provide relief for others dealing with their own sorrow. I created the art boats in this series approximately the same size as the actual boats used for burial. The universal image of the boat in many cultures and civilizations symbolizes a voyage or journey, perhaps the voyage to the other side or the journey to the unknown...

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