4-05 Women in Wood Exhibit

Apr. 5 - 29
We celebrate the works of fourteen professional women woodworkers from around the country. Co-curators are Helga Winter and Betty Scarpino.

Sat. Ap. 7 - 5:30 - 8:00 pm - Reception and Art Walk

Sun. Ap. 8 - 1:00 pm - Art Talk with the artists

ScarpinoB - <em>Quirky Cargo</em>

Betty Scarpino - Quirky Cargo

The displayed work is as diverse as the women’s professional backgrounds: lawyers, nurses, teachers, biologists, agriculturists, and industrial arts teachers.  They became enamored with wood and changed their original careers.  This exciting show features sculptures, furniture, multi-axes turnings, bent and carved wood, turned jewelry, pyrography and more; all  made from exotic as well as domestic woods.  Color, texture and patterns will delight the viewer.  Prints and repurposed book art derived from wood will demonstrate the ever-expanding repertoire of the artists’ interests and skills. [Click any photo to start slideshow...]

For example, Helga Winter's work has been featured at Northwind and elsewhere in Port Townsend over many years. Click here to read more about artist...

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