5-03 Exhibit – Inner Gardens

May 3 - 27 - Three artists: Erika Bass, Mary Flynn-Gillies, Richard La Londe

Flowers capture us with their micro-worlds of color, pattern and line. From the interplay of shifting forms and hues to the tapestry of varied textures, we are attracted to the pulse of life in botanical images. In this exhibit of mix-media painting and glass sculptures, three Northwest artists explore the timeless inspiration of the floral form. Erika Bass, Mary Flynn-Gillies and Richard La Londe each express a new spirit of the botanical in their abstract work, inviting the viewer to enter imagined spaces of inner nature.

Thu. May 3 - Exhibit opens

Sat. May 5 - 5:30 pm - Art Walk Reception

Sun. May 6 - 1:00 pm - Art Talk

Erika Bass explores patterns of floral shapes in her vibrant, yet subtly textured mixed-media art. She works from hand-cut collagraph prints adding pigments to build complex paintings which play with the connections between form and ground. Mary Flynn-Gillies uses meticulously placed found vintage papers to create the surface of her many-layered acrylics paintings. She captures opposing qualities of fragility and boldness in her work using sensitive charcoal lines contrasted with the lively washes of her colored stains. Richard La Londe works in glass creating sensual botanical vessels. He fuses crushed glass and silver foil in his kiln making slumped glass sculptures that radiate with color as they pull the eye of the viewer down into their organic centers. All three artists present a powerful body of work in a show that is both complementary in its shared themes and contemporary in its vision.

Bass_RoseWebErika Bass

Erika says of herself: My mixed-media paintings explore the interconnectedness of the natural world. I am interested in how forms relate to one another through their patterns, colors and movement. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am surrounded by the continual growth of its lush vegetation, its intricate blossoms and its organic sea forms. There is a magic in the designs I observe and a beauty in the endless rhythms they create. I build off of these natural inspirations, developing lace-like webs of floral imagery as a way to express the connections I see around me. Joining pieces of color together in my abstract work, I seek to build a kind of communion within my compositions.

I am a painter/printmaker living in Seattle, Washington. I hold an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and graduated from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. My work is currently represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery and Drizl’s online Gallery. My art has been exhibited nationally and has been purchased for both private and museum collections. I am also an art educator and love sharing my passion for artmaking with my students in the Seattle area.

Note: Erika will be teaching a workshop May 12-13 - Painted Collagraphs - at Port Townsend School of the Arts as part of this Inner Gardens exhibit. Click here for information...

FlynnGillies_GenusVerticalisMary Flynn-Gillies

Since spending several summers abroad in her early college years, Mary’s eyes were opened to a world with authentic age and tangible history. If only in a heavily layered billboard or architectural facade, time was evident and history chronicled. Scenarios were imagined and interactions from years past were found within the peeling and cracked surfaces.

This fascination with weathered integrity has found a comfortable home in her two-dimensional work. Her desire is to achieve this sense of time and history in her work by using tattered, stained, and once cherished found papers as the foundation for her imagery. It causes one to ponder “How many previous lives has this assemblage touched through its individual components?”

Her representational imagery is a window into her soul. Her thoughts, senses, emotions and experiences find their way on to her constructed backgrounds. The viewer is offered a glimpse of her world that is not only hers but strikes a universal chord of beauty, joy and connectedness.

She has had extensive art education including Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. She has had solo and group exhibitions since 1992. She is represented by the Seattle Art Museum (click here).

See her website http://www.studiomfg-fineart.com/

Richard La Londe

LaLonde_CallaBotanicals series: I create my sensual botanical vessels by fusing crushed colored glass and silver foil in an electric kiln twice and then slump-forming this flat sheet into a wavy stainless-steel mold during a third firing. This is my favorite glass series, which is very time consuming and technically difficult. They don’t all survive the kiln making these vessels especially unique. They are approximately 12″ high x 22″ x 18″

Richard La Londe has created art with glass since 1974 and fused glass since 1980. Museum collections include the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York; Museum Boijmans-van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Netherlands; Notojima Glass Art Museum in Japan; and the Seattle Art Museum. He has created 16 fused glass murals as public commissions including the International Arrivals Gateway for the SeaTac Airport near Seattle, Washington and exhibitions including 16 solo shows.

La Londe was one of the original glass fusing instructors for Bullseye Glass Company, has taught at the Pilchuck Glass School, and has given many glass fusing workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

He has authored two books, Richard La Londe: Fused Glass Art and Technique and Richard La Londe and Friends - Book 2. These are available on his website www.richardlalonde.com, where you can view a 10 page preview for each book and information about his workshops. Richard La Londe teaches workshops and lives on beautiful Whidbey Island.


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