Artist Showcase

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About Showcase: Northwind Arts Center provides a professional exhibit space in which the artworks are presented in a curated show that is changed monthly. To become the featured artist, see the current calendar for submissions and read/download Artist Showcase Policies and Procedures.

The Artist Showcase provides an alternative to a cooperative gallery setting. Artists are juried into the Showcase for a period of nine months. Work is presented in a curated show, hung by Northwind, and rotated monthly.

Northwind provides trained volunteer staffing, as well as a prime downtown location with professional lighting. The artist is not required to staff the exhibit space. The artist receives 70% of the sale price of sold work. Northwind receives a monthly fee of $50 from artists who are accepted.

Artist of the Month Program

Artists may be selected for the Artist of the Month program and will have additional wall space for presentation of their work and will either demonstrate their art or present a talk on their art.