Art in the Library

Carnegie Library by Jason Gould

Northwind and the City of Port Townsend sponsor the Art in the Library program. The goals are to provide art for the enjoyment of library patrons and staff, to offer opportunities for artists to exhibit their work, and to decorate and honor Port Townsend’s historic library:

Port Townsend Public Library
1220 Lawrence Street -- in "uptown" Port Townsend

Art is provided by local artists and may be for sale via Northwind at the discretion of each artist. Shows are changed at 4-month intervals.

  • _Art in the Library – Spring 2018
    Feb. 23 - June 15. Featuring pieces from Jim Jacobson, Pat Herkal, and Jeanette Best. The new exhibit, the 12th in the Art in the Library series, features the original oil paintings of Jim Jacobson (many of local interest), Pat Herkal’s colorful and charming beaded pieces, art of diverse media...

Archive of recent library exhibits