Ascher, James

Community: Gig Harbor, WA
Phone: 253-514-6929
Media: photography

Artist Statement

I have been taking (and self-processing) black-and-white photographs since a teenager, with no artistic agenda other than following my interest to photographically record aspects of the world around me that seem at the time of some visual interest. This intent is likely no different from that of the multitude of other persons with cameras strung from their necks (or on tripods for the more “thoughtful” practitioners). I would guess that for me subject matter and composition are the two prime criteria involved. Can a statement of artistic purpose be any more basic – or possibly trite – than that? My photos are printed with carbon-pigment (archival) inks in varying dilutions mixed by myself.


I am a retired career U.S. Diplomat (Foreign Service Officer) and a retired Washington State lawyer, resident in Gig Harbor. I have been an amateur black-and-white photographer since my early teens in Chicago, developing and printing my own photos. I came to Washington State upon marriage to my Seattle-born wife 34 years ago, and at her suggestion (read urging) switched to black-and-white digital photography in 2010.

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