Biskup, Mike

Mail: 3190 Landes St, Port Townsend
Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 360-531-2708
Teacher/Instructor: Yes (see bottom of this page...)
Media: Watercolor, pen/ink

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Thanks for Sharing | 2016 Showcase artist | 2016, 2015 Small Expressions artist | 2016 Art Port Townsend Studio Tour | 2016 Expressions Northwest | 2016 Through the Wall workshops

Artist Statement

The focus of my work, in the studio and in public spaces, is to encourage people to take a moment out of their busy lives to see things in a new way. In my paintings, subjects and objects flow together seamlessly. Buildings, people, rivers, roads, machines and plants are interconnected and subtly remind viewers that we all share this planet and are interconnected as well. While my work is decidedly ‘upbeat’, I include tension, explosive energy, and chaos as well as harmony, stability and repetition. These opposing forces serve to energize the landscapes and hopefully viewers as well.

I turn on some music, sit down with a blank sheet of watercolor paper and choose whether to begin with black ink or watercolor paint. I do my best to leave my thinking mind out of the process. When I’m relaxed and in a mildly meditative state, enjoying music deeply, lines or shapes flow smoothly and comfortably and the painting begins to take shape.

Watercolor can be one of the most delicate, subtle, and fleeting of painting techniques. There’s nothing like the transparency, luminosity, and gentle flowing of watercolor pigments on wet paper. In contrast, India Ink is 100% black, 100% permanent, and when dry, completely resists fading or blending as water brushes over it. For my purposes, watercolor and ink are Yin and Yang – Apparently opposite or contrary forces that are actually complementary and interdependent. Both dry quickly and allow for extensive layering. After each pass of paint or ink, I stand back, and let my brain percolate on what’s next. I heartily enjoy watching pieces evolve slowly and steadily as the layers build up. This is always progressing on many paintings at once in my studio and can last for an evening, a week, or years.

The image included here shows a piece I painted on paper. adhered to wood, and varnished.


I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1970 and live and work in Port Townsend. I moved here from California in 2002 to get some fresh air and a heaping helping of beauty. I’m a father of three brilliant teens and partnered with my dearest of dears, Laura. I am also a musician (listen at and avid (not aphid) gardener.

About Mike: Mike Biskup is a contemporary watercolor painter of imaginary landscapes and abstractions. Born in 1970 in Los Angeles CA, Mike comes from a family historically rich in artists, poets, and dreamers. As early as he can remember, he was voraciously drawing unusual cars, landscapes, robots, and people with his two older brothers, Steve and Tim. Mike moved to Port Townsend, WA, In 2002. In 2015, after years of showing work in Port Townsend, Mike exhibited at Slow Culture Los Angeles in a two person show with his brother Tim. His work was featured in The LA Weekly, Monster Children, The Hundreds, and he was part of the artist in residence program at The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. His paintings can be found in the collection of Oscar winning actress Patricia Arquette and many others around the world.

Art Instructor/Teacher

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