Bryant, Jinx

Community: Sequim
Phone: 360-912-4030
Media: pastel, watercolor

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Showcase artist (click to see all 2017 artists) | 2016 Art in the Library | 2015 Showcase artist | 2015 Alchemy of the Abstract VII | 2016, 2015, 2014 Small Expressions | 2014 Expressions Northwest

Artist Statement

I paint with both watercolor and pastels. My current work, in pastel, resolves a life-long conflict between 2 disparate interests. I have a strong educational background in both the earth sciences and the arts. For most of my life, my involvement in these 2 passions, alternated with each decade. But I was always drawn back, always pulled back from one, in pursuit of the other. My current work finally fuses these two passions.

The medium of pastel enables me to render the tension, the turmoil of the geologic processes and forces that exist deep within the earth. My series, “What lies beneath” explores this theme. The gestural strength of the pastel stroke, the pastel mark enables me to convey the tremendous energy inherent in these processes. My work presents these geologic concepts as abstractions of the physical plane. I describe, define and then obscure images, leaving the viewer with a sense of the energy and the forces deep with the earth. I try to create immediacy in my work that leaves the viewer sensing the chaos, and the scale of the events. My work is created to carry the viewer beyond first impressions with a subtleness discovered in the details.


Recent Exhibitions

2017 Land Trust Exhibit, Alderwood Bistro, pastel, Slow Slip Series 
2016 Northwind Arts Center, Small Expressions 14, pastel, Slow Slip Series
2016 ArtFusion- Abstract Pastels 
2016 Art in the Library: Invitational- Abstract Pastels 
2015 Northwest Pastel Society Members Show: Juror’s Award- pastel, What Lies Beneath I [SOLD] 
2015 Northwind Arts Center, Alchemy of the Abstract VII, pastel/mixed media, 9.0 
2015 Sequim Arts Juried Show: Merit Award, pastel, What Lies Beneath II 
2014 Northwind Arts Center, Expressions Northwest,  pastel, What Lies Beneath I 
2014 Sequim Arts Members Show; watercolor, Tuolumne Meadows   [SOLD] 
2014 Northwind Arts Center, Small Expressions 13, watercolor, Colorations 
2014 Sequim Arts Juried Show: Merit Award, watercolor, Colorations

Private Collections  

Dan Davenport, Hiking Season, watercolor  |  Misty, watercolor 
Sheila Keys, What Lies Beneath IV, pastel 
Lynn & Vic Bender, Slow Slip Series, pastel  | Spain Series, watercolor 
Joan & Tom Anderson, Ginger, watercolor 
Gudrun Blackmon, Tennies, watercolor 
Catherine Mix, Slow Slip Series, pastel   


NPS Northwest Pastel Society 
PSA Pastel Society of America 
TWSA Transparent Watercolor Society of America

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