Champion, Clark

Phone: 407-405-6737
Media: wood

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Small Expressions

Artist Statement

Wood Turning - I seldom have a sense of what the final shape will be when I begin a turning. Instead, I let the spirit within the wood guide my search for the true beauty which is concealed inside the piece. I love the natural (and sometimes unnatural) inclusions in a piece of wood and strive to highlight them in my bowls, rather than eliminate them. These inclusions might include unusual folds of bark, voids or hollow pockets, nails, and barbed wire, as well as swirling grain patterns, all of which I see as significant parts of the emerging character of each bowl.

Furniture - It’s about designing structural relationships between pieces of wood to suit man’s need for function, while enhancing and displaying the unique character and natural beauty of the wood itself. In the planning and design phase of my furniture, I always try to conceal some sort of a secret compartment.


Sawdust has always flowed easily through my veins. I inherited a deep love and respect for the beauty and diversity in the various species of wood, from my father. I served as his shop assistant and apprentice from an early age, while always working on my own projects in the family workshop. As a youngster I made boats and trucks and also produced one of the first remote controls for the family TV (a bamboo pole fitted with a handmade wooden adapter that slipped over the big round knobs of that early set). My first piece of real furniture was a Walnut desk, designed, sized and built for a high school sweetheart and my first wood turning was a Teak gearshift knob for my first car. My formal art education began in San Jose, CA which eventually led me to an art teaching position at a private school in Santa Cruz, while summers were spent in the shop.

Our large and ever growing family has always understood and supported my need to spend creative time in my shop. A career in community management has taken us to communities all over the country but I’ve always managed to reserve even a tiny space for my tools and a shop. I’ve left a trail of turned bowls from California to Maui then back to California, and on to Georgia, Arizona and Washington.

When I’m not in the shop, I enjoy playing with grandkids and great grand kids, boating in the Sound and long walks with the dog.

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