Chapman, Jen Lee

Studio: Jen Lee Light
Address: 1540 Hastings Ave, Port Townsend
Phone: 971-599-6332
Media: Photography, encaustic

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2016 Book Inspired artist  | 2014 Small Expressions

Artist Statement

Light is my medium, the moment my canvas. Both are essential at telling a story.

I’m a photographer who paints many layers of light and wax.


I’ve been an artist my entire life. From when I could hold a crayon, I would draw a picture and ask my mom to hang it in the Springville Art Museum in Utah. I was obsessed with that place. I was 17 when that wish finally came true. From there it was 10 years of trial and error to discover my love of photography, meaning-making, and to combine them all under layers of beeswax.

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