Doe, Carolyn

Community: Marrowstone Island
Phone: 208-304-5568
Media: Fiber art, painting, mixed media

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2016 Bits & Pieces | 2016, 2015, 2014 Small Expressions

Artist Statement

Silk Batik Artist and Oil Painter living in the Pacific Northwest. Welcome to my art.

I am mostly a self taught artist which only means I play until I figured something out. My on-going education in art takes place thru my own passion and pleasure in the exploration of certain creative processes.
Always excited by fiberarts and having been raised by a seamstress, I started working in batik on silk fabric over twenty six years ago. Batik has become my voice. When dye touches silk fabric it spreads like crazy. The wax creates a boundary. It is this dance of control/no control that captivates me for hours. Through this ethereal quality, I try to convey the essence of a place and of the creatures and plants that dwell there.

About 3 years ago I took a class on palette knife painting in oils. Thick textures and vibrant colors.

My recent work combines the technique of Eco Printing on silk fabric with palette knife and oils. I create the leaf print by a process that uses a direct-contact method of printing onto fabric with leaves to impart color and design onto cloth. The silk is bundled with various leaves and boiled for a period of time. The permanent colors and patterns that emerge result from the plants combination with mordants and ph modifiers such as iron, vinegar and copper. The fabric is then washed and let dry. I glue the silk fabric on to canvas using an acrylic medium. When dry, I use palette knives and oil paints to create the sky. When completely dry, I spray with a varnish to protect the finished painting.


My inspiration comes mostly from the natural landscape. My work as a field camp manager and cook around the state of Alaska allowed me to experience wonderful, wild and remote places. I have been as far south as Antarctica as well. Like the cold, the beauty of Antarctica’s changing light cuts deep to the bone. Hours spent observing, then I go indoors and create. I like the movement of birds. So they come and go in my paintings. And the stillness of the land.

I currently have work in galleries and private collections all over the US, as well as in several countries around the world, including Antarctica.

Gallery Affiliations

Gallery 9, Port Townsend, WA
Liberty Bay Gallery, Poulsbo, WA

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