Ervin, Kathey

Studio: The Basketry Studio
Studio Address: 281 Mantle Rd., Sequim
Phone: 360-683-0050
Media: fiber, mixed media

Artist Statement

After a long career in clay, mostly making dinnerware, I started making baskets a little more than twenty years ago beginning a new career in basketry. I have passed through various phases, embracing everything from fairly high volume production work to pursuing a more unique aesthetic.

I like to think of each work having a story. In one sense, the story grows during the process of making … in another sense, the story is already there, within the subconscious, being a snippet of the past.


Some of the current work is narrative…like a painting – a still life, it tells a story – it has a historical context – inspired by a miniscule moment from the past - it has color and form and within the context of the narrative it is framed. A piece titled ‘TEA PARTY’ is a small teapot perched and tipped on the top of a three layer cake, pouring roses into a cup below…the cup is full of tiny roses, one cup has one ‘sugar rose’ in the bottom and the third cup is full of steaming rose tea. It is reminiscing of imaginary little girls tea party and triggers that warm friendly feeling in the observer.

I have a love/hate relationship with living on the edge of beginning a new series of work, running every conceivable direction, questioning the aesthetic of a piece of work within a series and playing out the idea to the end. It is a risk…always…that end…will there be another beginning. Unlike those early years, I have a much stronger faith now. In the book ART & FEAR the “difference between ‘quitting’ and ‘stopping’ are fundamentally different. The latter happens all the time. Quitting happens once. Quitting means not starting again – and art is all about starting again.”

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