Goodman, Brian

Studio: Brian Goodman Fine Art Photography & Creative Imagery
Studio Address: 34 Ridgeview Drive, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: 626-375-3247
Media: Photography - Archival Pigment Print

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2017 Showcase artist (click to see all 2017 artists) | 2017 Alchemy of the Abstract

Artist Statement

“Brian Goodman has always been captivated by the visual interplay between light, color and texture. For over 45 years, Brian’s photography has spanned the globe, capturing stirring landscapes, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking studies using a wide variety of methods and media.”

About Solace of Space Our ability to think clearly, critically and creatively is largely dependent on our will to create space for these processes to occur. In this world of over-saturated, in your face, and instantaneous image gratification, it is sometimes difficult to break away and separate our senses from the constant bombardment that we are assaulted with on a daily basis. What used to be a quiet country road is now a super-highway, blasting a never-ending pitch for the next restaurant, hotel, fast food chain, attorney or religious prophecy. Spontaneous information and visual overload instantly materialize, stalking us at the push of a button, on gas pumps, in bathrooms, on the road, in our pockets. We no longer choose when and what content we care to view and absorb. It is forced upon us.

The images in the Solace of Space collection are designed to draw us into spaces of comfort and solitude, free from the constant visual noise that we encounter every day. They are suggestive of something familiar, and yet are unable to be defined. In fact, they could be anywhere – dreamlike images inviting you into a place of private wonder. You find yourself responding emotionally to the colors, textures and movement within each artistically crafted image, creating a sense of tranquility and space – Solace of Space.

Gallery Affiliations

  • Art-Space Gallery, Altadena, CA
  • Wall Street Fine Art, Jacksonville, FL
  • Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH
  • Ellen Robinson Fine Arts & Design, New York, NY


Born in Los Angeles in 1957, Brian Goodman has always been captivated by the visual interplay between light, color and texture. For over 45 years, Brian’s photography has spanned the globe, capturing stirring landscapes, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking studies using a wide variety of methods and media. Brian caught the photo bug early at the age of 9. With his first camera in tow, a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic, (now a part of his extensive photographic collection,) he spent his time during family vacations capturing the grandeur of sites such as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and other wonders of California and the Pacific Northwest.

He loved taking pictures, but it was his dad, Dick, using his much more sophisticated Kodak Instamatic 500, who was his greatest inspiration. Dick would take his favorite photos from one of their many road trips, enlarge them, and hang them on the family room wall. Brian loved looking at those pictures and quickly learned how to use his father’s camera. His parents soon realized his passion for photography and gave him his first 35mm camera as a high school graduation gift.

Brian’s initial interests were in fine art photography and photojournalism, and his work could be seen in local art fairs and shows as well as in juried contests around the country. After studying Photography at El Camino College in Gardena, California, the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel, and Otis/Parsons School of Art & Design in Los Angeles, Brian took a detour from his original interests and moved into the realm of commercial photography. He worked for several studios in various capacities, including assistant photographer, lab technician, graphic designer, and studio manager.

In 1987, Brian opened his first professional photo studio in Pasadena, and in 1992 incorporated as Public Works Productions, Inc., located in Altadena, California, a 6,000 square foot full service commercial photography and design studio. Public Works has done work for companies such as Westwood One Companies, Apple Computers, University of California Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente, Nissan USA, Toyota USA, El Al Israel Airlines, Neutrogena, L.A. Eyeworks, Classic Custom Vacations, United Signature Foods, Pacific Asia Museum, and Brighton Collectibles.

Brian was an early adapter of the new digital technologies that were emerging in the early 1990’s. He had bought his first Apple Macintosh computer in 1985, and as the Macintosh and its software developed, it gradually became an integral part of the tools of his trade. After spending several years researching the possibilities of capturing an image digitally, Brian was asked to demonstrate the premier of the Leaf Digital Camera Back at the acclaimed international photographic trade show, Photokina, in Cologne, Germany in 1992. Public Works became a leader in the field of digital commercial photography as one of the first of its kind in California and across the United States. He has been a consultant to Leaf Systems, Scitex Inc., Mamiya America Corp., and SinarBron Imaging. Brian has also been a demonstrator and speaker at numerous trade shows, organizations and schools worldwide, and has consulted and provided training to many individuals and companies in the areas of digital photography, computer hardware and software, and electronic design and imaging.

Never abandoning his first love, Brian has continued to develop his personal repertoire of fine art photographs throughout the years. In 2015, Brian decided it was time to retire from the commercial photography world and concentrate exclusively on fine art. His current series, the “Solace of Space,” goes a step beyond, transforming natural landscapes and cityscapes into prisms of color, evoking a sense of emotion, movement and imagination. Brian currently resides with his wife in Port Townsend, Washington.

“Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” – Robert Hunter

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