Hammond, Steven

Community: Port Ludlow
Mail: xxx
Phone: 360-774-3592
Email: shammond46@reagan.com
Website: xx
Media: painting

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Artist Statement

I have been involved with art in one form or another all my life; from drawing, to home design, to sculpture, to commercial giftware and now acrylic painting. Puget Sound provides a plethora of topics to keep me going. I paint realistic paintings… “Remember that?” paintings with an impressionist touch that I hope allows the viewer to feel memories, emotions, curiosity or contemplation. My paintings should fit well with a rainy day coffee, or a glass of wine. In my paintings you will find no deep messages; no anger; just appreciation of landscapes, boats, structures and people painted in acrylic.


Steve was born and raised in San Francisco. After graduating from the University of Oregon he served as an Air Force fighter pilot before entering a career as a corporate marketing officer in WA, CA, AZ and CT. In 2000 he retired at age 58 with his wife to Scottsdale AZ and in 2013 moved to Panama to experience small village living. They moved to Port Ludlow in 2015. Steve has been involved in design, sculpture and painting most of his life and is basically self-taught. His work has been exhibited and sold at shows in Arizona and Panama and Washington. He now focuses on painting topics around beautiful Puget Sound.


Sound Community Bank, Port Ludlow, WA
Port Ludlow South Bay Community Center Gallery, Port Ludlow, WA
Community Center Arts festival, Scottsdale, AZ
Biblioteca de Boquete Art Shows, Boquete, Panama
Mango Gallery, Boquete, Panama

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