Huber, Leticia

Studio: Art at Huber’s Inn (website)
Studio Address: 1421 Landes Street, Port Townsend
Phone: 360-385-3904
Media: acrylic

Artist Statement

Poetry and art are our cradle. Since, every second of our life they envelop us. They surround us. They shape us. We only need to WITNESS, and we can’t but appreciate the perfect, harmonious balance of everything around, and within us.

To surprise those special people in your life with a piece of art inspired in THEM; whether art, or a poem that captures their very essence. A poem inspired by your description, and/or your favorite picture of them, hire Leticia as your on-demand-poetess (one of her specialties) and create something unforgettable for those you never forget; and/or buy her book of healing poetry.

For your delight (and theirs) Leticia’s Witnessed Art Photography is available for you to enjoy/purchase and remember you can also hire Leticia as your “Soul Photographer” for your special occasion – or for a special moment for those you so love!

For a moment of deep joy in your everyday (or their’s) through art, please explore Leticia’s (rare) mixed media art pieces, and see that your soul and hers, together, take a walk into wonder!


Linguist, with Language in Communication, Leticia started her first 11 professional years as an art performer; and won a few very special prizes for her acting. As well, later, prizes as a copy writer for 3 National Campaigns. These experiences allowed her to become more and more perceptive, and enjoy and appreciate “both sides of the coin”. Poetry writing/reciting has been present since her early life. In that field she’s been published in Mexico, San Diego, as well as Port Townsend. Poetry also won her another 2nd National Prize for the lyrics of a Lullaby at the invitation of The National Institute of Protection of Children.

Photography, ceramics and art have also been present all along her career, always searching for “the soul” of the person, place, object photographed -always aiming to apply the simplest means of photography, to just “witness”, without embellishments of any kind. Under the principle that : Life is ALREADY magnificent!

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