Jacobson, Jim

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 360-774-0590
Email: jimjacobson17@gmail.com
Website: www.JAJacobson.com
Media: oil painting 

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Showcase artist (click to see all 2017 artists) | 2017 Community Arts - Small Landscapes in Oil | 2014, 2013 Small Expressions | 2014 Earth Matters | 2013 Venture to Take a Risk

Artist Statement

There are three fundamental elements to a statement about my artistic endeavor. They are the passion, the process and the product.

The Passion

Painting has become a passion in my life. This passion is fueled by my love of life, the visuals of nature with her varying moods and the challenge of figuring it out as I embark on the process.

The Process

I am drawn to the various geometric and abstract shapes and how the light plays on them. This presents the problem of capturing these images using large shapes and bold lines while tending to the principles of composition, value, and color. Proper execution of these elements defines an acceptable work regardless of subject or style. The process is what it’s about. The work is the byproduct.

The Product

The oil paintings produced are representational with a tendency to impressionism. Maritime work and landscapes are dominant in the overall body of my work. With each painting I strive to express the passion, reflect the joy I feel while applying paint to canvas, and finally, produce a painting that evokes a pleasant response.


Encouragement by my parents to paint and draw instilled in me a love and appreciation for art at an early age. These early years were also enhanced by the beauty of growing up on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The first opportunity to display my drawings and watercolor paintings came with “Art on the Rocks” in my hometown of Marquette. I received great reviews and no sales. That was (as best I can recall) 1952. Later, however, I was commissioned to do three watercolor paintings of buildings of the University in Winnipeg. Twenty-five dollars each!

My art “career” was put on hold in favor of a more certain economic future in the field of Industrial and Technical Education with Minors in Drawing (drafting) and Design. This path led to a Bachelors Degree allowing some opportunity for a few classes in drawing and watercolor painting. Following some teaching I went on to pursue advanced degrees and a career in Educational Administration. Along the way, drawing, woodworking, building and design helped with, but never fully satisfied my thirst for “doing” fine art.

Now retired, I have found a joyful release for the urge to paint, which lay dormant for these many years. The encouragement and support of my wife Chris continues to be key to my development as an artist. She, along with my mentor Diane Ainsworth, instruction from David Simons, Scott Christensen, and others is invaluable. So now I paint!

I believe we are a collective whole of our beliefs, background and our life experiences. I further believe this is manifested in our creative pursuits. This is particularly true of the arts. So, I hope you find in my work, the joy of my being alive, the discipline of the draftsman, a love and appreciation of nature and the beauty of this earth where we reside for a while. If you are touched in some way by my work I am pleased.

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