Kaczyk, Meg

Studio Address: 261 Quinault Loop, Port Townsend
Phone: 503-679-6782
Email: meg.kaczyk@gmail.com
Website: artist.megkaczyk.com
Media: painting

Artist Statement

Move towards that which makes you feel more alive – Rodney Smith

My work embodies personal growth and fruition, with paint recording the splendid reality of living. Energy that runs deeply through us is presented in the emotion of line, color, texture and pattern – fluid experiences standing as frames of life.

The simplicity and ease of painting is in harmony with the pulse of energy I capture in my work. I let the paint drip, flow, and add dimension with layers of pattern and line. My subject matter presents transient reality – birds, flowers, a moving figure – captured with a quick and keen eye, but above all with love and affection. The world that surrounds us is so precious. I seek to capture the aliveness at the heart of being.


Born 1957 Long Island, New York 
1964-1981 Detroit, Michigan 
1982-2016 Portland, Oregon 
2016-Present Port Townsend, WA

Meg Kaczyk’s journey has been one of moving west: born in New York, raised in Detroit, and living in Portland Oregon for 30 years, Kaczyk is now an Olympic Peninsula resident. Her current studio is in Cape George, overlooking Discovery Bay.

Kaczyk’s training includes a major in Illustration from Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Further studies include print making at NW College of Art in Portland.

Kaczyk’s work is in many private collections and has shown in galleries and exhibitions across the US, especially in the Northwest.

Gallery Affiliation

Gallery 9, Port Townsend

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