King, Stuart

Studio: Stuart King Designs
Community: Whidbey Island
Phone: 425-647-3768
Media: Painting, mixed media

Artist Statement

Stuart strives to create modern and contemporary pieces of artwork, furniture and architectural elements for interior and exterior environments. By merging his love of the natural world with his desire for simple, functional, and workable pieces, Stuart offers a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated view of our everyday surroundings.


British ex-pat, Stuart King hails from England, born and raised on the Wirral peninsula, just outside Liverpool; and is now a US resident, practicing fine art on the stunning and inspiring island of Whidbey.

After completing courses in Fine Art and 3-D Design, Stuart graduated from the University of Central Lancashire to surf the world and develop his style in painting and woodworking.

Stuart has an international reputation for his style and innovative perspective with exhibitions and clients in England, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

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