Lahti, Aliina

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 307-631-4950
Media: painting, textile, wood

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2014 Small Expressions | 2014 Earth Matters

Artist Statement

Painting is a favorite of mine because of the color. So, I suppose you could say that color is my medium. I use color because it is color that brings life to the flat canvas in front of me. Color brings excitement. I once did an instillation with just blocks of color and it did what it was suppose to; it invoked all kinds of feelings in the people looking at it. Color envelopes us, entertains us, invokes emotions; the brighter the color the brighter the emotion.

Check out my paintings; and a few sculptures – only because sculpture takes up more space and is harder to mount on a wall, I dabble in ephemeral, eco-art sculptures too, but they are really really hard to hang. Check out the painted and natural colors a-livening my subjects and let me know how they make you feel.


I work here in Port Townsend at the Community Cycling Center called The ReCyclery as the Volunteer/Outreach/Membership Manager. I love to bike and enjoy nature; I like to capture it in my art, too. I am an aspiring yoga teacher and play around with the soccer ball once in a while. In my spare time I do my best to create art – paint, sculpt, craft, textile, etc. I always love an excuse to make art; be it ephemeral or long lasting.

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