Lawson, Andrea

Studio: Flying Selki Studio
Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 360-385-1379
Website: and
Teacher/Instructor: Yes (see bottom of page)
Media: painting, mixed media collage, encaustic

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2016 Art in the Library

Artist Statement

Inspired by music, dance and nature, my paintings are produced through a voluptuous layering of paint and vital gesture. My work is intensely process-oriented, born of my ongoing engagement with the emotion, mystery and magic of applying paint to canvas.

The drama of early morning which welcomes the sun’s arc and the evening that dissolves the light, I call the Edge of Day. I am currently engaged in exploring light as it emerges from darkness. My landscape paintings address myriad qualities of mysterious emerging light: sunrise, the last light illuminating the sky as night cloaks the land, fireworks bursting in a dark sky, barely lit figures at a campfire, parade or waving sparklers. Often my paintings show man’s presence in the landscape represented by minimal lights winking in the darkness.

My Rite of Spring painting series is influenced by choreographer Glen Tetley’s reimagining of the classic Stravinsky/Nijinksy ballet. I created my own version on a series of canvases. I researched the multitude of variations of the original, from the riot-inducing 1913 production to Pina Baush’s tensile, sensual earth pieces.

My Seams Dreams Collages are made from Drawings on magazine, Mylar, paper, intaglio and relief prints, lace and sewing materials, nature in its natural state as plant materials are sewn, pinned or clipped together.

In the context of our technology-driven world, my paintings act as environmental expressionist auguries, offering the viewer a feeling of connection with nature and participation in the enigmatic dance of life.


Born in Hollywood, California, Andrea K. Lawson received her MFA from Parsons New School of Design, New York. Inspired by nature and dance, her vibrant paintings and prints have been exhibited widely, both nationally and in Europe. Solo exhibitions include The Painting Center, New York, NY, and in Washington State, Max Grover Gallery, Northwind Arts Center, Port Angeles Fine Art Center and Gallery 110.

She is represented by The Island Gallery, Bainbridge, WA. Andrea is the recipient of the King County Arts Commission, Art Port Townsend and Helena Rubenstein awards. Andrea’s nine panel painting Brain Beauty, Beauty Brain was selected for permanent display at the Camano Island Public Library. Collections include The Cape Museum of Fine Art, MA, Jefferson Museum of Art and History, Camano Island Library, WA and Ronnebaecksholm Arts and Culture Center, Denmark. She creates in her studio overlooking Port Townsend Bay.

Gallery Affiliations

The Island Gallery, Bainbridge Island , WA

Art Instructor/Teacher

Oil and Acrylic Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking: Private painting, drawing and printmaking classes for youth and adults. Explore creativity using color, structure, composition and develop your own unique artistic vision. Plein air painting classes on location also available.

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