Lopez, Sara Ybarra

Studio: Carapace Arts
Phone: 360-385-9772
Email: mts2@olypen.com
Website: www.carapacearts.com
Media: sculpture, metal, mixed media

Artist Statement

I am a sculptor of bronze work, cast aluminum, and mixed media construction. My work is well received and described as humorous, folkloric, political, and mytho-poetic. I consider fleeting events—a dream, phases of life, emotion, politics, a child’s scribble—and enfold them within a durable medium to combine form, structure, materials, and meaning.


As a child, I believed that I would be a celebrated writer and poet. During my initial college years, I studied to be a schoolteacher while also taking excessive art classes—lingering in the ceramic studio, working as a model for art classes and as an assistant for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. When I became a mother to first a daughter and then a son, it was ten years before I put my hands to clay again. I have since integrated these phases of my life. My sculpture articulates the meeting of story and form, influenced by the drawings of children and the humorous turn of a phrase. Some elements resurface in the story-form of my work: owl-woman, evocative buildings, animals, current events, and family connections; however, my visual interests are abundant—kindled by a shape and guided by a story.

Gallery Affiliations

Pendleton Center for the Arts, Pendleton, OR

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