Marks, Todd

Mail: 30601 N. Hwy. 101, Lilliwaup, WA 98555
Phone: 425-240-5412
Media: Painting, mixed media

Artist Statement

One of the functions of play is invention. Having taught classes in materials and techniques and as a paintings conservator, I have employed a new alchemy, creating a series of visual images that experiment in the juxtaposition of natural materials against artist-created materials.


I started painting as a youth, and began exhibiting in juried competitions from the age of 12. I formally studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts), followed by classes at the University of Cincinnati. My primary field of employment was as a paintings conservator and as a member of the AIC, working for several prestigious institutions for 35 years, while continuing to paint and exhibit over the same period of time.

One of my earliest one-man shows was at Centenary College (now Centenary University), New Jersey in 1971. I was an exhibitor in one of the earliest Soho shows, participated in approximately a dozen one-man shows in New England, and won awards in numerous venues — most notably the regional show of NY state artists at the Munson-Williams Proctor Institute in Utica, and at the Cooperstown Art Association (nearly every year in the 70s and 80s). At one of those shows, I received the Juror’s award from the renowned WPA artist, Isabel Bishop.

After brain surgery in 1999 my work shifted from primarily abstraction to a period of photo realism. I am currently working on a series of collages employing powdered pigments immersed in various aqueous mediums, then cast in epoxy resin, incorporating semi-precious stones.

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