Miller, R. Evan

Studio: Lost Mountain Design
Community: Sequim
Phone: 360-302-0437
Media: Wood

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Showcase artist (click to see all 2017 artists)

Artist Statement

I see art in every day life. I see art in nature as well as in human made things. I look to create art made from one of the most interesting mediums that exists, wood. Specifically wood veneer is my favorite medium. I do combine other materials like metals with my art also because it compliments the chatoyance in wood.

Years ago when I started working in the megayacht industry I saw how fast our team of craftsman was “burning through” the stacks of wood. I was alarmed, yet I saw the need for making choices for structure, choices for shape, and choices for the final look. A tree has so many uses, and yet takes an incredible amount of time to grow.

At that time observing the vast amount of wood we used for the yachts, I became fascinated with wood veneer in that, a “look” could be created in a much larger area that was more harmonious throughout. The yield of a tree made into veneer is substantially higher than using it for boards. In fact, veneer combined with solid wood is the most ecological use of trees.

Veneer allows an expanded element of artistic ability. I use veneer in my work because patterns and other designs, (Parquetry and Marquetry), can be created with greater accuracy and interest than just using solid wood. Most of us have not been exposed to the beauty of high quality veneers that are used on high end yachts. Veneer certainly can’t replace the look of grain flowing through a tables edge, but it can enrich the “look” of what we actually “see”.

I do my best to use every scrap, every off-cut, every possible piece of veneer I come across, and as such, my waste is very minimal. Mostly, I wish to highlight what the wood has in it already, and not to add too much to it. I try to not “get in the way” of the enjoyment of such beautiful grains that come from magnificent trees.


I’ve casually been studying art since I was about 7. My parents had plenty of their art interests displayed around the house. I spent countless hours looking at oil paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other mixed media art forms growing up, which no doubt contributed to my interest in the arts. Taking on my own artistic interests really   started with woodworking in high school. This led to my other interest  in the automotive arts, specifically restoration, which helped me see shapes in new ways. Forming body panels and painting cars heavily influenced my ability to create fair curves. After attending the Port Townsend School of Wooden Boatbuilding I immediately began the first part of my working career in the megayacht industry working for Port Townsend's Admiral Marine Works. Honing my skills in the yacht industry in all phases of construction for over 20 years, I began to focus on the use of specialty veneers. Seeing the high yield value and efficiency using veneer combined with solid wood early on, I targeted my interests there and began to specialize in this medium. Making art with veneer has opened my mind even further to the seemingly endless possibilities.

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