Moseley, Jacqueline

Community: Bainbridge Island
Media: Felting

Artist Statement

I began felting in 2012, after a lifetime of working with different types of fiber in many different ways.

I've been attracted to the texture and dimension of felt for a long time, fascinated by its properties, how to make it, and how to make things with it. I use merino and other wool fibers in what is called the wet felting method. The wool fibers become intertwined when exposed to water, soap and agitation to create a design and/or a form. Wet felting is a very tactile and physical process.

I'm most fond of making bowls, vessels and wall hangings. I also enjoy working with beads and incorporate them into some of my creations.

Though I have learned how to manipulate the wool fibers, felting still seems a bit miraculous to me because something wonderful, fun or unexpected happens every time I make something new.

My hope is that my pieces will provide enjoyment, color and interest to a space and that others will appreciate them as much as I enjoy making them.

Gallery Affiliations

The Island Gallery - Bainbridge Island - click here for link to artist

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