Moses, Chuck

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 206-423-7701
Media: Photography

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Showcase artist (click to see all 2017 artists)

Artist Statement 

I'm attempting to capture a moment, a souvenir of sorts. Holding it within an image/s to pass along to the viewer for study and interpretation. To engage in a visual language which goes deeper than description, residing in equivalence.


Born in Montana. Education at Spokane Falls Community College in Photography. Then studied American Literature at Eastern Washington University.

Chuck Moses picked up his first camera while in high school and started photographing local rock n' roll bands. This hobby lead to attending SFCC, where the skills necessary to actualize a career in photography were developed. A job opportunity became available for Yuen Lui Studio and he moved to Seattle.

Simultaneously, Chuck Moses developed his own personal style and body of work: predominantly color urban landscape images. These pictures were taken while traveling in Mexico, Europe and Guatemala. His images have been shown in galleries and sold to private collectors.

A collaborative book of poetry by Leland Seese and imagery by Chuck Moses
was self published in 2015, Isn't This Enough.

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