Nichols, Nhatt

Community: Port Townsend
Teacher/Instructor: Yes
Media: sketching, watercolor

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017, 2016, 2015 Through the Wall workshops

Artist Statement

Nhatt’s work focuses on the perceived self, looking at different aspects of what makes you who you are.

Her work manifests itself as traditional self portraiture, multi-layered drawings of internal organs, bones and skin, and as meditations of memory and mortality. Nhatt is using the idea of creating your own mythology to explain her memories of growing up in the Pacific Northwest and how these memories relate to being a physical entity.


Nhatt Nichols was raised on top of a mountain in rural eastern Washington State by survivalist parents. After many years of traveling and trying to find her voice as a storyteller, she was accepted into The Royal Drawing School in London, and completed her MFA in 2011. She fell in love with drawing and comics in her 20's and decided to she wanted to dedicate her life to being able to draw stories of all kinds.  

She has shown work all over the US and the UK, and is included in Prince Charles's private collection. She currently teaches at The Port Townsend School for the Arts and Centrum, is a member of Corvidae Press, and draws the monthly comic for The Local of Jefferson County. She is working on a collection of short comics called Grief is Weird that will be available in 2018.

2017 Through the Wall workshop description: Drawing a Story: We will be covering several ways to tell a story by using the story of Sisyphus, from traditional comic panels to packing everything you want to say into one image. This class will also cover how to use a few different materials, when to use what, and how mark making can add to narration.

2015 Through the Wall workshop description: Using drawing, sketchbooks, and materials to get more into your art. This workshop focuses on how you can use different exercises and techniques to avoid ‘fear of the blank page’ and create images that are a solid basis for you to grow onto, regardless of the kind of art or medium that you work in. We look at a few different ways to combine drawing from observation and drawing from imagination, and how to use a few different materials to flesh out an idea into a finished concept.

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