Pascoe, Scott

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 206-406-3477

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Artist Statement

I am at heart a gestural artist in search of inspiration beyond an intellectual calling, drawing upon memories and intuition to guide my hand. Drawing from a life time of sensory interaction, play and experience with the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound, my paintings are informed by photography and working experience in restoration and conservation of at-risk vernacular landscapes- beaches, feeder bluffs, estuaries, lowland farm land, forested hills and mountains.

My pastel paintings evoke a sense of place and convey processes and forces that create the landscape around us. I have chosen to work in dry pastel for intrinsic potential of the media –use of primary color pigments: layering to create depth: modeling and gestural mark making and accenting. I juxtapose color, form and line to evoke shifting patterns of light, modeling and character of the local landscape whether the painting be of Dabob and Quilcene bays or the agricultural lowlands of Whidbey Island or the Skagit. In my paintings, I move freely from more figurative representational to color field abstract - always with the intent to distill and simplify what’s essential to any particular place.


Scott is a native and has lived in Washington State for over 62 years. As a pastel artist, Scott seeks to capture the distinct qualities of coast lines, farms, forested and mountainous landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound and evoke a sense of place reflective of each vernacular landscape.

Scott attended the Ansel Adams workshop in Yosemite in 1974; had a gallery showing of his photographic work at American Art Company in 1980. He studied batik in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1974 and subsequently between 1975 and early 1980s took multiple drawing classes from Mary Ann Peters and experimented with different media such as watercolor, oil painting and wood carving at the Factory of Visual Arts in Seattle, Washington.

Over the years, Scott has taken pastel workshops from Tip Toland at Pratt Arts Center: Lisa Gilley at Port Townsend School of Arts and Teresa Saia at Dakota Art Pastels. Each experience has expanded Scott’s understanding and capability to use the intrinsic quality of pastel to convey layering, color juxtapositions, light and gestural accents and mark making-always with the intent to distill and simplify what’s essential to any particular place.

With over 21 years experience in landscape architecture, Scott worked to blend sensitive place based design with a Northwest vernacular and has received multiple design awards for myriad projects including a rooftop garden, an interactive tidal pool exhibit and a sacred grove at the University of Washington. As the Conservation Director of a regional land trust for 5 years, he conserved and restored at-risk high value ecological landscapes including shorelines, feeder bluffs, riparian corridors, estuaries and wetlands. His pastels continue to focus on these landscapes. In his paintings, he moves freely from an impressionistic style conveying light to color field abstracts conveying the colors associated with place and seasons.

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