Schmidt, Ronald

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 360-316-9440
Media: wood sculpture

Artist Statement

While doing my job as a land surveyor I encounter the forests of the Pacific Northwest, where I see trees in all states—tall and vibrant to broken and rotting. Stunning—I want this in my house with me.

Massive. Heavy. Weathered. Decayed. My enhancements are token, nature’s action is finest. My motive is to have something closer to a tree. Fastening is done through joinery mostly. Oil finish. Minimal processing—simple forms. Primitive.


After studying boatbuilding, I learned to appreciate the strength of wood and its beauty as a living thing. Working with wood is humbling, it’s always changing, it’s alive. I moved to Port Townsend to pursue a simpler lifestyle after escaping a corporate career. Trees are a resource that I use for shelter, for sailing, for heating, and for cooking. I also enjoy looking at them.

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