Toney, Loralin

Community: Tenino, WA
Media: Sculpture, mixed media

Artist Statement

Form and myth are the guiding forces in my work. Art nouveau and the symbolists have been some of the most influential imagery in my current pieces.

I think Black and white sculpture is a way for me to make things simple, reflecting my desire to make life easier, simpler. To express my ideas I create porcelain figures, and encase them in scenes of wood and copper.


Making things is almost obsessive for me. Starting at a young age I began drawing, sculpting and writing. In college I studied illustration and dabbled in clay on the side. In the last 25 years, claywork has become a pleasurable pastime and way to make a living.

I have run a production studio, shown my sculpture in local venues and worked as a carpenter. I consider myself an emerging fine artist and look forward to exploring new work.

Gallery Affiliations

Splash Gallery in Olympia, WA

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