Vetter, Rob

Website: KOBO gallery blog site
Media: 2x4 painted landscapes on wood

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Community Arts - Small Landscapes in Oil - at Northwind Arts Center gallery

Small Landscapes in Oil: Rob Vetter & Jim Jacobson

Artist Statement

Excerpt from KOBO blog site "Whenever I’ve taken a small impromptu sketch and made a larger, more meticulous painting out of it, I’ve failed. For me, painting is all about filling the given space – when I’ve filled the space, it’s done. From that standpoint, the miniature has obvious appeal. But I also love the idea of coming across something, rather than being hit over the head by it the minute I walk in the room. And miniatures are still objects, they belong to that category epitomized by the jewel, which never needs to be explained. The 2×4 is something I had on hand – also it’s something cheap and something we take for granted."


Rob Vetter has been dedicated to the landscape for twenty years. In 1996, he took some time off to get a BFA in painting from Western Washington University, but before long was back in the field and making landscapes in various locations throughout Seattle and the region. In 2006, he and his wife moved to Columbia City and he subsequently embarked on the plein air series 100 Views of Seward Park. 

Rob has been painting plein-air in parks and public areas in Seattle and around the northwest steadily since 2002. For much of that time, the landscape was portrayed representationally but as a pristine wilderness, more or less, with any signs of the hand of man summarily edited out. Lately, he has diverged from this method, both including – and even focusing on – some of the park infrastructure that he would encounter every time he went out to paint, and also by painting familiar places from memory and in a freer style sometimes colored by history, lore, and imagination.

He currently lives in Seattle, surrounded by parks, play fields, and Lake Washington


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