Wier, Cathie

Studio: Inspired Fibers
Studio Address: 900 Maple Street, Port Townsend
Phone: 360-202-0677
Email: cathie.wier@gmail.com
Website: www.cathiewier.com
Media: fiber, textile

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017 Art in the Library | 2016 Poem Inspired | 2015 Alchemy of the Abstract | 2015 Book Inspired | 2015 Radical Change | 2014 Small Expressions

Artist Statement

Living on the Salish Sea (Orcas Island and now Port Townsend, WA) I find myself fascinated by what I see along the shoreline: piles of kelp glistening in the sun, rocks and pebbles washed by the waves, waves crashing on the shore, and sunsets on the water. In Port Townsend, I discovered beaches at low tide with seaweed of all colors and textures laid out on the sand in beautiful compositions. I started photographing these images and gradually found myself translating them to my weaving.

In addition to wandering the shoreline, I spend time hiking in the mountains which provides me with more rich textures and colors to explore in my weaving: snow covered peaks, mossy rocks, wildflowers, roaring rivers, and forests green and fire-scorched.

Just as seaweed changes color and shape as it dries, I experiment with weaving with yarns and structures that change shape when I take them off the loom, wash, and dry them: some yarns shrink, some bubble, and some twist. Although many weavings have strict horizontal and vertical lines, I love to break away from those structures and find ways to create angled or undulating lines.

An empty loom demands a new design and eventually a concrete project emerges, each with unique puzzles to solve. A piece may be driven by an image, a new technique, or colors and textures of yarn from my
closet. I inherited not only my mom’s looms, but also an amazing array of yarns that provide a breadth of colors and textures that demand experimentation and always whisper encouragement.

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