Wilhelm, George

Community: Port Townsend
Phone: 360-774-6473
Email: g@georgewilhelm.com
Website: georgewilhelm.com and Etsy
Media: sculpture, metal

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2016 Poem Inspired | 2016 Radical Change | 2015, 2014 Small Expressions

Artist Statement

I make figurative sculpture: realistic portrayals of the human body. Some are on pedestals, but more often the sculpture are suspended, mobile like, from ceilings and walls. Others, the smaller pieces, are made to be worn as pendants, brooches, rings, earrings. The mobiles consist of body parts, fragments, gathered together to tell the human story, the comedy and tragedy. The parts, suspended as they are, can be moved by the wind or touch or can be rearranged just as we are blown about, touched and rearranged throughout our lives. My things are cast in bronze or, if wearable, in gold, silver or Shibuichi, a blend of copper and silver. I love the craft of making an arm, a hand or a face in wax and have spent years developing the patience and perseverance required to do it well.


I am a self-taught sculptor. I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work and was a psychotherapist before deciding to make a career as a sculptor. I have learned to sculpt by doing it, by watching others work and seeking advice and help when needed. I taught sculpture and was an Artist-In-Residence at the Spokane Art School, Spokane, WA, in the 1980’s. From 1991 to 2004, I was represented by the Ebert Gallery in San Francisco. I have exhibited around the Pacific Northwest, in San Francisco and the Bay Area and in Lisbon, Portugal, where my wife and I lived for a time. Currently, I sell the wearable sculpture to people around the world through my Etsy shop

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